Interlibrary Loan Kütüphaneler


  1. Borrowing publications / documents between libraries only include university libraries.  
  2. Libraries can contact each other via the authorized persons of the libraries.
  3. Members of other libraries can use this service through their authorized librarians. Personal applications are not approved.
  4. Publishing Requests:
        a) Interlibrary Request to Borrow Book/Photocopy Form,
        b) Automation System Used by the Library Form,
        c) Borrowing can be done by filling in the library’s own form.
  5. Requests are sent via shipping. All expenses (photocopy, shipping etc) caused by the requests are met by the libraries that initiated the requests. 
  6. A member can at most request;
        a) 5 publishing for 20 days (including shipping time),
        b) 10 photocopy requests,
  7. No extension and reservations are accepted.
  8. The requesting library and the authorized librarian are responsible for any loss or damage to the publication (including loss or damage during shipping).



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