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What days and hours are the libraries open?

Üsküdar University Libraries are open between 08:30 and 17:30 on weekdays, excluding official holidays.


Who can use the library?

Academic and administrative staff of our institution and students of our university can use library resources and borrow publications provided that they are members. Our graduates can use library resources and cannot borrow publications. As a requirement of inter-university cooperation, the university library is open to faculty members of other universities. External users who are not students or academicians at any institution can use the institution's libraries with the approval of the rectorate. In projects carried out by the institution, all participants can use the institution's libraries. Library use by graduate students, rectorate-approved external users and faculty members of other universities is only permitted outside of exam periods.


How do I access my library user account and what can I do with it?

You can access your account with your member code, student number and password by logging in at on the library website. You can get your password by clicking on the "I forgot password/not created" button. You can change your password later in your account settings. In your library user account, you can access all the information about the books you borrowed, returned, and made a reservation, and you can extend the time for the borrowed books.


Are there computers in the library where I can search the library catalogue?

There are computers for browsing in our libraries and e-libraries.


How can I search the catalog in the library catalogue?

In order to browse through the catalog, the information source you are looking for is the name of the work, author's name, subject headings, ISBN/ISSN etc. You can search by any keyword.


Is there a mobile application for library operations?

You can do your library transactions from the application called My Pocket Library. You can download the application from Google Play and App Store. You can also access different library catalogs with this application.


What should I do if I can't find the book I'm looking for on the shelf?

First of all, it should be ensured that it is not borrowed by another user by looking at the volume/copy information of the source through the library catalog. If the material cannot be found on the shelf even though it has not been borrowed by someone else, the librarian of the relevant department should be consulted.


Is there a system in the library where I can loan, return and do extension transactions myself?

There are self-check machines (automatic loan/return machine) in our library where you can borrow books, return or extend the borrowed publications.


The book I'm looking for has been borrowed, may I know who bought it?

The library does not share loan information with third parties.


How can I make a reservation?

Log in by typing the member code and password at

After opening the session, when we identify the work we want from the catalog by scanning from the author's name or the name of the work and click on the work, detailed information about the work will appear on the right.

On this page, reservation is made by clicking the book button among the signs at the bottom right.


Can someone else return a borrowed library material?

Someone else can return the materials on your behalf. In these cases, the responsibility lies with the person who borrowed the book.


Can I extend the period of borrowed resources without coming to the library?

You do not need to come to the library or bring related resources to the library for this process. You can make extensions and reservations by logging into on the library website. You can extend a resource once. If you have an overdue resource or the resource you want to extend has been reserved by another user, the system will not allow the extension.


What should I do if the borrowed information source is lost or damaged?

If you lose a borrowed book or if it is damaged so that it cannot be used, you must buy the exact copy of the book and return that to the library.


Should I put the books back on the shelf?

You should not put them back, you should leave them on the table. The staff will put the books where they should be.


How long is the borrowing period for the book that I took from the library?

Academic staff can borrow 15 books for 30 days, administrative staff can borrow 10 books for 15 days, graduate students (master, doctorate) can borrow 5 books for 15 days, undergraduate students can borrow 5 books for 15 days.


How can I benefit from group study rooms?

You can use our group study rooms in our library for 2 hours in return for your student ID, provided that there are at least 4 people. If the rooms are not requested by other users, you can extend the 2-hour period by notifying the staff.


Is it possible for me to borrow any reference resources in the library?

Reference resources, such as encyclopedias, theses, projects and periodicals are only open to library use and cannot be loaned in any way.


Are there photocopying, printing and similar services in the library?

On the upper floor above the library, photocopying and printing services are available independently of the library.


How are the books placed on the shelves?

LC Classification System is used in our library.

The books are arranged on the shelves according to their subjects.

What does the location number of a book mean?
It is the number given according to the subject of the book. Thanks to this system, books on the same subject are kept together on the shelf, so that readers can see all the books on the subject they are interested in.


Is there a place in the library where I can get internet access?
There are computers with internet access in the e-library hall in our library. Our students can use these computers by logging in with their username and password.


Does the library have training programs for users?

Our library organizes trainings in line with user requests and needs. In addition, at the beginning of each academic year, library user training is provided for new students.

You can create an orientation request form via the link:


Where can I get information about items I forgot in the library?

You can ask about the items you forgot at the Book Lending Desk and the security room in the building.

The responsibility of the lost or forgotten items in the library belongs to the user. Regarding the subject, it cannot be demanded to look at the library security cameras. The general purpose of security cameras is to control the internal security of the library (collection, hardware, etc.).


How can I access periodical sources like magazines etc.?

You can access the printed periodicals in our collection from the periodicals section of the library.


Can I borrow periodicals?

Periodicals are not borrowed and can be photocopied.


How can I access theses and projects?

You can access the printed theses and projects in our library's collection from the Çarşı Campus library. In addition, you can access all academic resources such as articles and theses produced within Üsküdar University at of our Open Access system.


How can I use electronic resources?

Yes, you can use electronic resources with your university mail and password. But first you must click our web site.


Can I access databases from off campus?

Yes, you can access all databases form off campus.


How can I ask books through interlibrary loan?

Our institution's students, administrative and academic staff can benefit from the Interlibrary Lending Service. In the requests for articles and books, the information of the requested publication should be clearly stated and sent to the e-mail address


Can I extend the term of the books I bought through interlibrary loan?

If the books have not been reserved by another person, you have the right to extend them once for 30 days by sending mail to


Can I ask a thesis that is not open to access with the document supply system?

Academic personnel should send their master's and doctoral theses, which can be requested through TÜBESS, to the e-mail address with the relevant thesis information clearly written. A maximum of 2 thesis request requests per week are taken into consideration. 6.3.5 of the TUBESS participation protocol. In accordance with the article, only the printed format of the thesis will be delivered to the requester. (No requests are made for theses with full-text access).

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