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Libraries Affiliated to Üsküdar Municipality

In addition to Üsküdar municipality, Nevmekân libraries; It provides the opportunity for all university students to study in İsmet Uçma, Bilim Üsküdar and Haluk Dursun (24/7) libraries.


Public libraries located in almost every district of Üsküdar can serve hundreds of users at the same time. The fact that everyone in the environment is working and reading books will also motivate you.

Nevmekan libraries also offer food and beverage services.


Libraries Affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 

Şemsipaşa Public Library

Offering a space where you can study to your heart's content, right next to the Bosphorus, Şemsipaşa District Public Library is open six days a week between 08:30 and 22:00.



Located in Kuzguncuk, Nail Kitabevi Cafe welcomes its visitors in an aesthetic building from the Ottoman period and offers a quiet environment.

The cafe, which deserves to be ranked very high in the list of study venues in Üsküdar, also has a special corner where art activities are held, and special areas reserved for you to study or do research with your laptop.

Nail Kitabevi Cafe Address: Kuzguncuk, İcadiye Cd. No:32, 34674 Üsküdar/İstanbul

A place full of books in the heart of Üsküdar; H Publications Book & Coffee. Place; In addition to providing a nice working environment, it also hosts various events such as interviews and book

signings, and announces such crowded days on its social media accounts. The cafe has two suitable environments for you to work: outdoors and indoors.

H Publications Book & Coffee Address: Sultantepe, Pasa Port Cd. No 48 Üsküdar/Istanbul

Ümraniye Public Library

Ümraniye (Public) library is open between 08:00 and 24:00. The library serves its users by reservation.

Ümraniye Fazlı Aydın Nation Library, Atatürk, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cd. No:67, 34764 Ümraniye/Istanbul



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