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Almelek Book Index

It is a web browser created to search the keywords in the sources. 559 authors, 1508 works and 318377 pages were indexed.


Ankara University Journal Database

Access to 49 scientific journals published by Ankara University is available.


ArXiv E-print Archive

arXiv is an electronic printing service that publishes in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative economics, statistics, electrical engineering and economics. Papers submitted to arXiv must conform to the academic standards of Cornell University arXiv. It is run by Cornell University, a not-for-profit educational institution.


Prime Ministry Legislation Information System

In the Legislation Information System, you can find the updated texts of laws, decree laws, by-laws, regulations, communiqués after 1/1/2004 and the Council of Ministers Decisions as of 1/1/2017 and the abrogated provisions of some laws. Provisions of the legislation that will enter into force on a later date are entered into the Legislation Information System on the date of entry into force.


BioOnline International

BioOline International is a pioneer in open access peer-reviewed bioscience journals published in developing countries. These journals; It includes current research on public health, international developments, tropical medicine, food and nutrition security, and biodiversity. BioOline increases the visibility of these studies by making them accessible to researchers from all over the world. BioOline is not a publisher, it is a compiler that offers a free platform to those who want to join the global open access movement. (The National Cancer Institute)

Sponsored and managed by the National Cancer Institute, the US federal government's foremost agency for cancer research, the site provides access to accurate, up-to-date information and links about cancer.


Digital Efficiency Library

Digital Efficiency Library; periodicals related to productivity consist of Key Magazine, Productivity Journal and Impact Analysis Reports.

There are more than 700 books in total under the title of Periodical Publications, which started to be published in 1963. It covers publications such as books on productivity, translations, documents belonging to congresses, conferences, symposiums, papers, sessions, panels and seminars, research and examination results, sector reports, analyzes and indicators, guides.

Published by the General Directorate of Strategic Research and Efficiency as the monthly publication of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Key Magazine has been published uninterruptedly since 1989 in order to create and improve productivity awareness in almost every part of the society. Key Magazine can be accessed from the address Key magazine has been published since 2012 within the framework of a main theme that is directly related to the fields of activity of our ministry.


DOAB : Directory Open Access Books

There are 10877 books from 257 publishers.


Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ

With this service, which provides free access to scientific journals, you can access 11224 journals in full text.


Gaze at History from the Newspaper Project

Istanbul University Library, which is a compilation library, has newspapers and archives in many languages ​​such as Ottoman, Greek, Bulgarian, French, English and German. Within the scope of the project, 581106 pages of images from approximately 688 volumes, 55 titles of national and local newspapers covering the years 1928-1942 were scanned and transferred to electronic media in a daily accessible manner and with the OCR method.


JSTOR New Open Community Collections

In recent months, 22 Open Community Collections have been released on the JSTOR platform and have been integrated into relevant content and made freely accessible to all here. They cover a wide range of subjects, including photographs of the Sandinista Revolution during World War I, traditional Lebanese architecture, Germany in World War I, and examples of freshwater fish.

Contributing institutions include:

   • Albright College - 1 collection • Carleton College - 2 collections • Central Methodist University - 1 collection • Chatham University - 2 collections • University of Notre Dame-Louaize - 2 collections

   • Roanoke College - 1 collection • Salve Regina University - 1 collection • Smith College - 3 collections • Trinity College - 4 collections • University of Pennsylvania - 5 collections

These primary resource collections are part of a new initiative to help libraries, museums and archives more comprehensively integrate their private collections into their research and teaching workflow alongside secondary literature on the JSTOR platform.

South Asian Open Archive Collection

The South Asian Open Archives (SAOA), the first release of our Open Community Collection initiative, saw tremendous use in its first six months on the JSTOR platform. South Asian Open Archives; It is an Open Access collection that includes key historical and contemporary resources from South Asia in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and in English and other languages ​​from the region.

SAOA usage at a glance

• 22.000 visitors

• 55,000 product requests

• Content accessed by users in 146 countries

• Three of the top 10 countries are in South Asia: India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

• Millions of New Documents Every Year and ever-growing archives and expanding open content

Thanks to your continued support, we add millions of pages of content to archive collections for each title each year. We added 2.4 million pages and 299,000 articles in 2019 alone. More than 40 JSTOR magazines have been added to our latest thematic collections.


As a result, total journal content has grown to 408 journals, 2.2 million articles and 16 million pages over the past 5 years. Click for general statistics.


JSTOR also has an expanding collection of free and open content available. This includes 6,000 Open Access e-books, 20,000 research papers, 1.3 million freely available images in Artstor's Public Collections, and our newly released Open Community Collections.


There are links in the lists. Click to access.


ISAM Turk, History, Literature, Culture and Art History Articles

The Database of Turkish History, Literature, Culture and Art History Articles, which we opened as a trial, includes the papers presented in symposiums and congresses, in scientific publications published by various publishing houses and institutions, especially in academic journals.

Currently, there are 124,600 bibliographic tags in the database, and full-text PDFs of 102,000 articles with digital permissions are available.


IvyPanda Study & Writing Tips

It is a research module that facilitates thesis and article writing within the scope of research methods, and provides support in subjects such as information management, bibliography management, grammar control, time management and plagiarism control. It gives detailed information about useful applications and directs to access window.


Kezana Turkey

Kezana Türkiye is a database containing the open access collections of universities in Turkey and offering them free. It contains more than 400 thousand dissertations, more than 550 thousand journal articles and more than 2500 journals.


Library Genesis Open Access Books

Libgen is a link aggregator that provides a searchable database of articles, books and images "collected from publicly available internet sources" and uploaded by users. It provides free and open access to millions of publications.



It is a bibliographic database prepared by the National Library of Medicine. This database includes the subject of medicine and health sciences, veterinary medicine. Includes Index Medicus, Index to Dental Literature, and International Nursing Index. Links to some full-text articles. There is also access to MEDLINE / PubMed from the NLM Gateway.


Project Gutenberg Electronic Public Library

The Gutenberg Electronic Public Library Project produces electronic versions of texts, primarily classical books. The project aims to provide 10,000 full-text books for free on the Web. 1000 books are added every year.


The Adam Health Illustrated Encyclopedia – NLM

It is an electronic encyclopedia of information about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries and surgery.


The Journal of Kazakh State University

The journal "Philosophy, Culture and Politology", prepared by the editorship of Kazakhstan Al-Farabi State University, has been opened to access.

Scientific Journals and KazNU journals are prepared with a wide editor-author representation in Kazakhstan and the world, and there is an accessible electronic archive since 2010. Click to access:


TürkMedline: National Biomedical Periodicals Database

It is a database containing the journals published in Turkey in the field of health.


Turkish Historical Society Library

You can access nearly thirty thousand works in the Turkish Historical Society Library online (In order to access digital works, you need to select the "Digital source" tab when searching in the search mode.)


ULAKBİM Turkish Databases

This database; provides access to the bibliographic records of Turkish journals on medicine, veterinary, biological sciences, agriculture, engineering and social sciences. Moreover; It also includes the TUBITAK Supported Projects Database.


UNESCO Documents and Publications

Contains more than 146,000 UNESCO documents and metadata from UNESCO libraries and information centers since 1945.


YÖK Thesis Center

All of the National Thesis Center services are provided over the internet. Theses, which are allowed to be archived by their authors in the National Thesis Center Database of the Council of Higher Education and made available to full-text access over the internet, are made available for open access.


Zotero-Personal Research Assistant

Zotero is a free personal research assistant to help you with your research. Thanks to Zotero, you collect and organize your research. You can also cite and share.

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