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Academic Information and Education System (AKBES)

Akbes database is a database that includes academic training, professional development and instructor training specific to each field for participants, and offers Turkish and English language options in many trainings.

* Login is provided by creating a membership on the platform with an institutional e-mail.


Academic Journals All

The "Academic Journals All" collection, which does not contain the phrase "Nature" in its name and continues to be published in a parallel segment, was created by the Nature Journal Group. It contains a total of 40 journals in the clinical sciences, physical sciences and life sciences. This collection is managed and expanded in collaboration with many leading academic associations/organizations. Backward access up to 1997 is granted with the subscription.


Annual Reviews

The scope of the journals includes 51 topics from life sciences, biomedical sciences, natural sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and economics. Each Annual Reviews contains 20+ articles on the most important topics in a field. Each article with an introductory section covers the topic in depth and has at least 130 citations.


APA PsycTherapy®

Produced by the American Psychological Association (APA), the APA PsycTherapy® database offers a unique collection of videos with therapy demonstrations to support psychology and counseling education and is an essential resource for graduate clinical psychology and counseling programs.

APA PsycTherapy offers physicians, counselors and trainees the opportunity to watch psychotherapy videos and includes proven methods that illustrate common barriers encountered during therapy sessions. The database also contains transcripts corresponding to the videos.

This unique video collection includes more than 140 well-known therapists and more than 240 psychotherapy topics such as addiction anxiety, phobias, relationship problems, and depression. These issues are addressed through a variety of therapy modalities, including integrated behavioral health care, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. The database offers access to more than 500 therapy demonstrations using the latest psychotherapy techniques and recorded over the last 10 years.

Click for Access:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=ldpsy&bquery=FT+ Y

The relevant link contains all the videos in the content. To perform a specific search, you can click “Advanced Search” and add keywords with the AND operator and narrow the results.


Brill Encyclopaedia of Islam Online

The Encyclopaedia of Islam Online (EI Online) contains all published issues of the 2nd edition (“EI2”) and 3rd edition (“EI3”). The EI Online search engine automatically scans the most popular and up-to-date results from both editions. EI2 (1955-2005) and EI3. (2007-) has access to all materials of the editions. - There are over 11,000 entries produced by hundreds of scientists. 125-150 articles are added to the Encyclopaedia of Islam Online every 3 months. This is equivalent to 800,000 words per year. It also includes the Historical Atlas of Islam, which contains 90 maps. Access addresses:

Click here for Encyclopaedia of Islam Online: 2nd Edition.
Click here for Encyclopaedia of Islam Online: 3rd Edition.
Click to access the Historical Atlas of Islam in the Encyclopaedia of Islam Online.
Click to access the Encyclopaedia of Islam Online 2, 3 and Atlas.

It is also open access to the Encyclopaedia Iranica Online and Storey Online sections.


Britannica Academic Edition

Britannica Academic Edition is a database consisting of hundreds of thousands of full-text articles and primary sources, where you can access broad and in-depth information on all courses and topics. The database contains more than 85,000 articles, over 800,000 full texts of periodicals, over 50,000 images, more than 2,000 videos, more than 10,000 e-books and main sources. Additionally, the Biography section, World Atlas and "Timeline" are among the portal's offerings. You can access current resources and audiovisual materials with a single search.

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The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library Database is an Evidence-based Medicine database. It is an online library that gathers resource-based databases, including proven research in treatments and interventions in health care, and up-to-date information, including methodological and diagnostic tests, under a single roof. It brings together research evidence on patient values ​​and clinical expertise, and international research on the effectiveness of healthcare and interventions. More than 1.5 million trials (trials) data records, more than 8000 Cochrane systematic reviews, more than 2,400 Protocols, more than 120 Cochrane protocols in the Cochrane Library, which includes clinical trials, methods, technologies and economic evaluations of 37,000 leading and respected researchers from 130 countries. Editorial information, 26 special topic collections, more than 200,000 Epistemonikos Systematic Reviews, 1900+ Clinical Answers- Clinical questions and answers.



This comprehensive collection not only indexes tens of thousands of journals on all subjects a university researches, together with their abstracts; It offers full-text access to more than 20,100 journals. It also includes many different full-text documents such as eBooks, conference proceedings, SWOT analyzes and reports. It consists of journals compiled from the most important publishers of the world and entered the field indexes and citation indexes.


EBSCO eBook Super Collection

Providing access to more than 650,000 e-books without user limits, EBSCO eBook Super Collection is an interdisciplinary full-text e-book database that is extremely comprehensive in terms of both number and content. The comprehensive content offered by EBSCO eBook Super Collection enables researchers to quickly access the resources that best suit their needs. The collection, which is an indispensable resource for academic libraries with its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use management tools, offers all the e-books it contains with unlimited user access, and new books are added to the collection regularly at no additional cost.

It contains;


ELSEVIER ClinicalKey

ClinicalKey, owned by Elsevier publishing house, is a clinical search engine that supports clinical decisions by facilitating the finding and application of the desired clinical information. There are 37 medical specialties in the Clinical Key database.

In addition, Elsevier medical and surgical journals (700+), Elsevier medical and surgical reference books (close to 1000), medical and surgical Clinics of North America journals, Clinical Overviews-clinical monographs (1200+), Elsevier Procedures Consult videos (300+) ), drug monographs (2,500+), Medline content - Fully indexed Medline summaries, practice Guides - 7,600+ practice guides, patient education materials - 15,000+ patient education materials, Multimedia - 70,000+ medical and surgical videos, and nearly 5 million images, tables and its graphic content is included in the ClinicalKey database.


ELSEVIER ScienceDirect

It is a multidisciplinary database and has full-text access to 2069 electronic journals.


ELSEVIER ScienceDirect Ebooks

It is a multidisciplinary database and has full-text access to 35.459 ebooks.

In campus access address;

Off campus access address;


Emerald Insight

Emerald Premier collection includes accounting, finance, economics, business, management, strategy, education, human resources management, corporate studies, health and social care, information management, marketing, operations, logistics and quality, environmental management, public administration, tourism, engineering. It offers a total of 309 electronic journals, 1650 ebooks and 1500 case studies on librarianship topics. Subject areas are mainly management sciences.

A subscription was provided to the Akademik İ database, which was produced in Turkey and used for the similarity detection report of academic publications such as thesis, homework, article, and project, within the scope of EKUAL.

Academic İ is a domestic program produced in Turkey to determine the similarity rate in academic studies.

It is a web-based similarity detection and reporting software specialized to detect many types of plagiarism.

You can perform the originality test of your work with in 3 steps.

You can benefit from the system without any limitation in terms of document type or number of documents. is built on class logic - folder system. The academician can easily create a class for student assignments in his account or test your personal document without having to create a class.

In order for students to upload assignments, it is sufficient to know the folder code of the class you created.



iThenticate's repository includes academic databases, most cited journal contents, 70+ billion current and archived web pages.

In order to detect plagiarism in academic work (excluding student assignments), the iThenticate program should not be used for student assignments and theses in accordance with the license agreement. Under the terms of the license agreement, doctor and above titles can use it.


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Electrical and electronic engineering, information technology, computer, biomedical engineering, physics etc. Provides access to over 3 million full-text topics.

Resources can be found in PDF and HTML format. There are 1.4 million authors, over 7,000 of whom are Turkish.

It includes 528 journals, 28,302 papers, 4,184 standards, more than 300 training courses and 25,000 documents added every month, as well as INSPEC abstract and citation bibliographies.



JoVE, the world's first peer-reviewed video database in which articles are videotaped and visually explained, is a producer and provider of science videos. Millions of scientists, educators and students at thousands of universities, colleges, hospitals and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide; uses JoVE for research, teaching and learning.

Filmed at the world's top science institutions, JoVE videos bring to life the intricate details of the latest experiments, enabling the efficient learning and reproduction of new research methods and technologies.

Producing 1,000s of new videos each year, JoVE is a must-have resource for scholars in academia and industry. There are more than 14,000 video articles in the Jove database.

All articles are indexed by PubMed/MEDLINE, SciFinder, Scopus.


It provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books and primary sources in 75 disciplines.
Within the scope of the database, 3,938 journals and 2,154 reports with a focus on social sciences, although multidisciplinary, can be accessed.


LEHÇEDİZ Dictionary, all historical and contemporary texts of Turkish Literature. It is a comprehensive dictionary database that provides data on important texts of Turkish World Literatures.

Each word and word groups of all the texts in it are interpreted and grouped separately.

Click for the user manual.



Mendeley is a reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. 5 GB of personal storage space, unlimited closed group setup. Membership can be made up to 25 people in groups.


Military Big Data database

Military Big Data; By delivering high volume and diverse information regarding land, sea and air platforms to the user with country details with the highest level of accuracy and speed; It aims to create added value in all operations, diagnosis, identification, business development, international trade, education, research and decision-making processes.

Military Big Data is a living and constantly expanding system, with regular updates and a secure algorithm that keeps user-server communication at the highest level.

Click here for content information.


Nature Magazine

Published in 1869, it is the leading, multi-disciplinary, weekly, international scientific journal and is at the center of the "Nature Journals All" Journal Collection. The Nature Journals All Journal Collection has expanded with other publications in the field of clinical sciences, physical sciences and life sciences with the phrase "Nature" in its name, reaching a total of 46 journals. Nature Protocols and Nature Methods publications are also included in this group. Nature Journals is the world's highest impact factor journal package. Access back to 2007 is provided with the subscription.

The "Academic Journals All" collection, which does not contain the phrase "Nature" in its name and continues to be published in a parallel segment, was created by the Nature Journal Group. It contains a total of 40 journals in the clinical sciences, physical sciences and life sciences. This collection is managed and expanded in collaboration with many leading academic associations/organizations. Backward access up to 1997 is granted with the subscription.



The LWW Total Access Magazine Collection, which is indispensable for all academic and hospital libraries and is included only within the scope of Ovid. It provides fast and easy access to multi-specialty medical information packed with high-quality full-text medical resources. The collection includes clinical journals that should be found in every library, as well as more specific journals with specialty topics. The focus of the editorial boards of the world's leading medical experts on Ovid LWW content quality and timeliness further increases the importance of this collection. The Collection is a simple and economically efficient way to expand the electronic journal resources you currently have in the medical field.


Oxford Reference Premium

Oxford Reference Premium is an online reference database that covers 25 different subject areas and brings together 2 million digitized data from across Oxford University Press's Dictionaries, Guides and Encyclopedias. Within the relevant resource, you can access the following topics related to Islam and short and encyclopedic entries on many other disciplines.


Palgrave Macmillan Journals

It constitutes the “PMJ All” journal package of the Nature Journal Group. It consists of 47 journals publishing in the fields of economics, economics, finance, social sciences, law, management sciences, philosophy and law. Access back to 1997 is provided. Backward access up to 1997 is granted with the subscription.



The PressReader database, which you can simultaneously access more than 7,500 daily newspapers and magazines from 155 countries in 65 languages. You can also access the PressReader database from outside the campus via your Mobile Device (phone and tablet). After downloading the "PressReader" application to your mobile device, you can access it from outside the campus for 7 days with the username and password you created on the campus. You can download the publications you are interested in and read them offline.


PressReader - Important Features

Click here for easy user guide
Click here for video user manual
Click here for content list


ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global Full Text

With over 5 million theses included, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is the world's most comprehensive collection of theses.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is the official dissertation archive of the Library of Congress and collaborates with more than 3,000 institutions around the world. 130,000 new theses are added to the database every year.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is updated weekly.


ProQuest Ebook Central

Ebook Central Open Access Collection contains thousands of books from many publishers, including Springer Nature B.V., Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Bloomsbury Academic, Amsterdam University Press, Open Book Publishers and Amsterdam University Press.

The current number of content is currently 11.878 electronic books and the content is constantly increasing.

Ebook Open Access Collection contains e-books on the topics of Medicine/Health, Engineering, Business/Economy, Art/Architecture and many more.​




Sayısal Kitap

SAYISAL KİTAP: Turkish Digital Library- Turkish e-Book, e-Journal and Audio Book Platform contains; Atatürk's All Works collection, Abaküs, Alef, Alis, Ankara University Publishing, Arkeoloji ve Sanat, Beyoğlu Kitapevi, Bilgi Publishing, Bilim ve Gelecek, Bulut, Ceres, Edebi Şeyler, Edisyon Kitap, Ege, Evrensel, Galeri Nev, Gerlach Press, Gita, Homer, İş Bankası, Kafe Kültür, Kaynak, Kelime, Kırmızı Kedi, KodLab, Literatür, Lena and Mama, Logos, Maya,  Mylos Publishing, Nika, Nesin Publishing, N. Erbakan University Publishing, Notos, Optimist, Öteki, Ötüken, Pusula, Redhouse Publishing, Sadberk Hanım Museum,  Sis, Sıfır Bir, Sosyal Araştırmalar Vakfı (Social Research Foundation), Tarih Vakfı (History Foundation), Tekir, Varlık, Yapı Kredi, Yordam, Zoe.

221B Polisiye, Anlatıcı, Bilim ve Ütopya, Episode Yerli (Turkish), Episode Yabancı (Non-Turkish), HR İnsan Kaynakları (Human Resources), Notos Magazine with all its issues, Öykü Newspaper, Plak Magazine, Sözcükler Literature Magazine, Toplumsal Tarih Dergisi (Social History Magazine), Varlık Magazine, Yapı Kredi's Cogito and Kitap-lık magazines are also available on our platform.

Akbank Sanat Publications, ART Unlimited Sanat Magazine, Bikepedia Magazine, BRIQ Journal, Akdeniz Akademisi, Keçi Edebiyat, Kültürel Mirası Koruma Derneği (Cultural Heritage Preservation Association), SineFilozofi Magazine, Tema Foundation and Terakki Foundation Schools e-books and e-journals are also available as open access.

Click here for the subscribed collection and the entire book list.



Springer Link database provides full-text access to periodicals belonging to Springer Publishing, and to "lecture notes in mathematics" from book series. This database; It covers subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Computers, Earth Sciences, Medicine, Economics, and Law.

SpringerNature eBook Collections Medicine

It is the Springer Nature Medicine e-Book Collection, which includes 3321 books in total, published between 2015-2018, that our university added to the library collection with the purchase model.


Taylor & Francis

It is a multi-disciplinary full-text database and includes approximately 2,187 journals.


Taylor & Francis e-Book database

More than 165,000 e-books are currently available on the platform, which includes e-books from Taylor & Francis publishing house, which offers interdisciplinary content with its experience from the 1800s to the present.

Humanities 35,898
Social sciences 24,814
Politics and international relations 23,392
Economy, Finance, Business and Industry 19,361
Behavioral sciences 16,905
Engineering and Technology 16,404

*Books are also accessed through our EDS system.


It is one of the world's leading software that brings students and educators together on the same platform, checks the originality of theses, and enables educators to grade these documents.

Turnitin databases currently contain 62 billion archived web pages, 734 million student assignments, and millions of articles compiled from various publications and libraries. Teachers can easily move between OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerMark reports, or layered viewing (available in the FeedBackStudio model) to fully cover written work.

Thanks to the newly added features of Turnitin, it is possible to detect plagiarism by translating from a foreign language into our language. Turnitin is fully online and can be accessed at any time with a standard web browser.



UpToDate database is an evidence-based clinical decision support system that offers access to more than 12,000 subject content prepared by more than 7,300 specialist physicians in 25 specialties. UpToDate; It is among the most used clinical information resources in the world, with its constantly updated, evidence-based clinical information and easy-to-use interface. It is designed to enable doctors to diagnose diseases, prepare treatment plans and share clinical information quickly and effectively.


  1. Log in to UpToDate via from any computer connected to the corporate network. (When you log in via the address, Üsküdar University should appear in the upper right corner of the page.)
  2. Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Create your own username and password on the UpToDate registration page. (You must register with your corporate email and password.)
  4. After filling out the registration form, you must send a confirmation code to your e-mail address. To do this, click on the Send Verification Code tab at the bottom of the form. The confirmation code will be sent to your e-mail address.
  5. Enter the code sent to your e-mail address in the relevant section at the bottom of the registration page within 10 minutes and click on the Submit Verification Code tab. You are now registered.

Mobile Access

  1. Once you sign up, you can download the UpToDate mobile app on 2 different devices.
  2. Search for “UpToDate” in the application store of your smartphone or tablet and download the free application.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the UpToDate mobile application.
  4. Log in with your UpToDate username and password. You only need to do this once — the app will remember your username and password.

You can watch the video about changing the language option here.

UpToDate general promotional video:

How can you find answers within UpToDate?

Click here for detailed information.

Click here for the registration guide.


Visible Body Anatomy Atlas

Visible Body Anatomy Atlas and 3D-examined Biology Atlas are databases whose visual content can be obtained via 3D wireless communication for the needs of obtaining information about the human body.


1. Create an account by clicking "Sign Up" ( or

2. Switch to Visible Body Web Suite

Informational Video:

Human Anatomy Atlas (3D)

Separate 3D models for men and women to examine the entire anatomy. You can view these along with cadaver and diagnostic images. 3D views of key organs at multiple levels; Examine the lungs, bronchi and alveoli; You can review the kidneys, renal pyramids, and nephrons. Short animations explaining basic physiology and general conditions; Use them to gain a deeper understanding of system processes! Muscle and bone models that you can move; Learn muscle movements, bone landmarks, attachments, innervations and blood flow. See how the fascia segments the upper and lower extremity muscles.

System features and presentation tools:

Atlas of Biology

Learn and teach biology in immersive 3D. Use simple controls to interact with interactive simulations. Examine 3D models from multiple angles. Watch 3D animations that explain big concepts.

System features and presentation tools:

Motivate learning and assess student understanding with labs and quizzes.

Create and share custom content for teaching, learning and working.


Web of Science

SCI-SSCI-AHCI-SPCI-SSPCI databases are scanned on this platform where subject and citation can be searched.

It includes 1.5 billion cited references dating back to 1900, 74.8 million records, 10.1 million Open Access records, over 21,100 unique global journals, and 254 different disciplines.


Wiley Online Library

Wiley Online Library provides full text access to 1,497 journals, more than 225 open access journals and more than 22,000 books since 1997.

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