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Üsküdar University Libraries, İbrahim Tarhan Library in the Central Campus, Müzeyyen Tarhan Library in the NP Health Campus, Namık Kemal Library in the South Campus, Ayhan Songar Library in the NP Campus of the Faculty of Medicine, provide all kinds of information resources that students, academic and administrative staff will need in education, training and research activities, and aim to provide and put into service with up-to-date facilities.

There is a rich collection of books, printed magazines, newspapers, e-books, e-journals, audio cassettes, CD-DVDs and database resources in the library, which has an open shelf layout and a classification order according to the "Library of Congress Classification System".


Library by Numbers

6 Libraries

Number of collections 78.622

430.895 e-books

58.245 e-journals

3.131 Theses

58 VT Subscription

5.440 m2 Usage Area

2,092 Seating Capacity

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