ILL Policy Our Libraries


1. Interlibrary loan publication/document provision service only covers university libraries.
2. Libraries can make their requests through their authorized librarians regarding this service.
3. Users of other universities can benefit from this service through their libraries. Personal applications are not accepted.
 4. Broadcast Requests:
    a) Interlibrary Loan Book/Photocopy Request Form,
    b) The form of the automation system used by the library,
    c) It can be done with the form prepared by the library itself.
 5. Requests are sent to the library by cargo. All expenses incurred for this service (such as photocopy, shipping fee) are covered by the requesting library.
6. The requesting member can apply to the library at most at the same time,
    a) 5 publications are loaned for 20 days (including postal time),
    b) 10 copy requests are sent,
7. Extension and reservation are not possible.
8. The requesting library and the authorized librarian are responsible for the loss or damage of the publication (including loss or damage in the mail).

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