Borrowing Our Libraries


Academic, administrative staff and students registered at the university can borrow publications provided that they are members of the library. For membership registration, an application must be made with a university identity card.
The person who will benefit from the library must present the university identity card. The user makes the borrowing process for each library material with this card.
Our graduates can use library resources and cannot borrow publications.
As a requirement of cooperation between universities, the university library is open to faculty members of other universities.

Borrowing Conditions

University members can borrow material according to the following rules;

Students (Masters and Doctorate students) 5 books for 15 days, 3 DVDs for 3 days, 1 Textbook, 2 times extension for 2 hours
Academic staff 15 books 30 days 3 DVDs 3 days
Administrative staff 10 books 15 days 3 DVDs 3 days

Dear Library Users,

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