BORROWING Kütüphaneler

Utilization Conditions

  1. Academic, administrative staff and students who are enrolled in the university can borrow books/journals with the condition of being a library member. Membership application must be made with a university ID card.
  2. It is mandatory for the beneficiary to submit a university ID card. The user borrows each library items with this card. 
  3. Our graduates can use the library items in libraries but cannot borrow them.
  4. The university library is open to faculty members of other universities due to the inter-university cooperation.

Borrowing Book Terms

University members can borrow items according to the rules below;

Students (Graduate and Doctorate Students)

3 books for 15 days,

3 DVDs for 3 days

1 lecture book for 2 hours

1 time extension

Academic Staff

15 books for 1 Semester

3 DVDs for 3 days


Administrative Staff

3 books for 15 days

3 DVDs for 3 days


Sevgili Kütüphane Kullanıcıları,